February 4

Maintaining a Spotless Pair of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes may cost a lot, which is why it is very important to take care of your shoes. Aside from keeping a good investment for a long time, you also get to enjoy and use your shoes for a good while. This pair helps a great deal in maintaining a good balance and stability in one’s swing, which is one of the reasons why professional golf players opt to buy specialized shoes, instead of sneakers with good traction.


If you want to use and keep your shoes in top shape, check out these tips on how to maintain your good old’ pair of shoes.

Always clean your shoes after you play golf

Take a damp cloth and just make sure to remove all the dirt that got stuck in the creases of your shoe. This is to ensure that no excess dirt gets stuck and builds up in your shoes. You may also want to use an old toothbrush to prick away those hard-to-remove ones. Additionally, it helps to remove the chemicals on your shoes.

Think of the pesticides gardeners use in maintaining golf courses. These can have a reaction to the material of your shoe. Additionally, cleaning reduces staining on the shoe and prevents premature cracking of the leather due to moisture. Premature cracking leads to leaking in the long run. Also remember to wipe it clean again with a dry rug to avoid moisture when storing it.

Polish or wax your shoes every now and then to maintain their form and finish

You can also apply leather lotions to prolong the life of the material and add an additional shine to the shoe. Consult professionals to make sure that you’re using quality products.

Shoe polish can also make your shoes look brand new and spotless. You can also consider waterproofing your shoe by using a special coat. This will enable your shoe to last longer in dire conditions, such as storm and rain. Sometimes waterproofing makes your shoes last longer than the rest of your golfing equipment.

Replacing worn out spikes are also advisable in maintaining your golf shoes

Golf shoesSpikes provide the grip and traction that golfers need to be able to swing properly. Some shoes sport metal spikes, which need to be screwed off to be replaced, especially when they’re rusty.

Plastic spikes, on the other hand, are easily replaceable as they simply need to be locked in. Replacing a plastic spike is as simple as popping them in, which is why they’re highly recommended.

Spikes must also be replaced regularly, especially for golf players who play twice or thrice a week, as these can be worn out easily. You can easily feel the difference of a new spike once you hit the course with a solid stance while you swing.

Putting shoe trees is another great practice in maintaining your golf shoes

Shoe trees basically keep the form and structure of the shoe intact when they’re in storage. Cedar shoe trees are the best type because they help drain off the moisture that may form in an unused shoe, while keeping the structure of the pair well intact. By draining the moisture off, the leather lasts longer.

Maintaining your shoes may require some patience, but it will all be worth it

Golf shoes are not exactly the cheapest golfing equipment a player possesses, so it is important to keep your investment safe and well-maintained in order to enjoy its benefits for years. In order for your golf shoes to last more than one season, why not take a little time every week and scrub the dirt off your shoes.

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