September 23

Flipping Your Bounce Rate Around Via A SEO Service

Bounce rate can either make or break your websites reach. For some people this is a disastrous thing and for others it’s something that needs a little work. Regardless of what your view on this matter is, it becomes vital to your marketing plan to understand how to work within the right parameters that may help you gain confidence in the world of traffic generation. Traffic is not only the most important aspect of SEO it’s the best thing that you can get from the world of search engines right now. If you are not receiving any sort of attention, then you are going to find yourself left out cold. Too often people end up missing out on the important elements that come through with optimization elements, and end up losing market share as a result of their ignorance. Understanding how bounce rate can help or hurt your page is a matter of focusing on several elements moving forward. One option you will want to consider when you are weighing this out is to consider hiring a SEO Service.


Before you move forward to spending money on fixing this problem, make sure that you look into working on a variety of options that will help you create influence through the way you set up your page. Setting up your page the right way is a very important aspect of exploring marketing as a whole. Bounce rates are just part of the bigger picture, and if you understand this, you can understand all the other elements that you will need to traverse in order to sustain market share on the web. There’s no easy way to work within this world, so make sure that you understand the need for a SEO service to help you get the numbers into a better overall state.

Defining Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a measurement of the traffic that you will receive to your website. You will either have a low rate or a high rate, and while some people see marginal gains and losses, it doesn’t usually hover in the middle. What you will find to be true in this regards is simple, a person comes to your site and it is recorded as a hit. Their length of time is then calculated and will give you a point in the positive direction or in a negative direction. What makes the big difference here is that you need to understand that some people come to your site and immediately leave. If someone leaves and your bounce rate rises with an average time of 5 seconds or less on your site, you are doing something wrong.
There is no way that you can succeed in today’s frenetic marketplace unless you figure out a way to get people to stay on your site. The more people stick around on your page, the higher the likelihood you will be able to engage the call to action that they require moving forward. This is something that cannot be done in any other way. If you do not have this firmly in place, you will end up missing out on the greater good that comes from SEO. You want people to hit your page and then interact with what you have on site, and not just leave. If people are hitting your landing pages and then leaving, your bounce rate will reflect that. Any bounce rate that is higher than 70% is definitely problematic. To give you contrast, most websites that are doing poorly in sales can have a bounce rate of 95% or higher. At that point your traffic is doing nothing worth mentioning.

Reversing the Trend of Bounce Rates

When you look at hiring a SEO service, you will be able to fix this issue with a variety of solutions that can help you maintain market share moving forward. The first thing that will be done is a full audit of where your page is at within search results. Without knowing exactly where you are online, you will not be able to traverse through spaces that you need to go to get market share. Most people don’t realize that there is a lot of effort that goes into reducing bounce rates, and getting people to visit a site for more than a few seconds. Getting someone to hit your page and then leave is easy, but getting them to stay, now that takes a little bit of effort. Even if your site is meant to only serve as a squeeze page or a landing page that will get you affiliate marketing traffic, you will want to make sure that you have people engaging in the call to action.

The role of a professional SEO firm will be to take on the role of marketing and figure out how to get more engagement with people from all over the internet. If you can harness the power of traffic and get people to engage your page, you will end up with a great deal of benefits as a result. The last thing you want is to end up stuck with high bounce rates, no conversions, and traffic that seem to be coming and going without your goals being met.

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May 26

How Your Company Can Benefit by Hiring an SEO Company

It’s a no-brainer that in order to succeed in digital marketing, a company should be knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, not everyone is competent enough to handle the many nuances of the system, so it’s necessary to hire an SEO company to do the job. Even with in-house marketing teams, some businesses are lacking in expertise and experience when it comes to SEO. It’s a tough job, and traditional marketing strategies are, sadly, not enough to increase a company’s ranking in the search engines.

While it’s true that a company can do SEO on its own, a novice doing a job that a pro can do better is at a disadvantage. Not only will the work be painstaking, it will be slow – wasting valuable resources like time and money in the long run. Hiring a professional SEO company is a better choice than learning everything on your own. Agency like SEOExplode inc can do a better job when it comes to consultation, planning, or optimizing a website for your company.

Why You Need SEO

seoWhile a higher site ranking is not a total predictor of success, it is certainly one of the basic things that a website needs. Search engine optimization helps websites to become visible and raises their ranks in the search engines. A user-friendly website is necessary to improve business. When web pages rank higher, they attract more visitors and help improve brand awareness. The overall growth of the company is helped tremendously because new customers are reached every day.

How SEO Benefits Your Company

Depending on the size, type and reach of your business, you could either form an in-house SEO team or simply go with outsourcing. One of the downsides in creating an in-house team is the cost of training these amateur personnel it can also be time consuming.

A professional SEO company does a better job of improving site ranking than their novice counterpart. They can deliver the following benefits that can’t be adequately done by amateurs:

1.Saves your business valuable time and effort.

Many companies do not have the manpower or the time to invest in learning and applying SEO methods to their website. Search engine optimization takes a lot of work and is a full time job that needs ample research, precise and careful attention to detail, as well as a huge amount of quality links and content. Many businesses can easily delegate the responsibilities to an agency with years of experience and expertise, rather than take on this huge task. It allows companies to focus more on their day-to-day operations and doing business offline. One less stress of juggling the online and offline business is better for the company.

2.Provides your company with first-rate results.

seo techHow does a company gauge results? It is interesting that most business owners have their sights locked beyond mere rankings or immediate results. They are more aware that immediate results do not mean that this is better in the long run. Sometimes, the techniques used by firms, like black hat SEO methods, can inflict damage, making search engines penalize the company later on. A better result should include a deeper engagement with the target users, more options to increase revenues, and generating quality content on a continuing basis. All these results will bring a higher ROI or Return on Investment for the company.

3.Expertise which is a product of experience in the field.

Generating favorable results from search engines requires expertise that can only be gained through experience; hiring the best SEO company is certainly a wise move. Search engines have complex and cryptic methods in ranking websites. Google alone has more than 100 SEO signals which are the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of a website, including how rapid it loads its pages and the how frequently the site content is updated.

Although there seems to be an infinite amount of websites that offer free tutorials or do-it-yourself SEO, the amount of time needed to study and apply everything usually takes years. Testing what works and what doesn’t is time consuming. Formulas and ranking standards frequently change so there is always the difficulty in trying to assess whether a particular approach could work.

4.Ongoing training and education on the latest trends.

One of the advantages of hiring the best SEO Company is the ongoing training and preparation that these professionals do to keep up with the latest trends. Attending numerous conferences with experts in the field and constant research are just some ways how these SEO consultants take on a job with successful results. Staying in-synch with the latest search engine algorithms and updates help these professionals adapt competently with variations to prevent a client’s website from skidding off the top of search engine rankings.

5.Dedicated long-term SEO strategies.

SEO agencies have the advantage of not having to juggle between search engine optimization and other concerns. Likewise, these SEO consultants are more dedicated and thorough in carrying out long-term strategies than amateurs. These pros employ methods that will work regardless of shifting algorithms and they also avoid cutting corners that can penalize websites. A competent team of SEO experts will avoid confusing or spamming search engines just to give a quick-fix or results that can backfire. Although these may be time-consuming at the onset, the results are going to be profitable in the end.

While it can be tempting to hire amateurs or employ DIY methods when it comes to search engine optimization, it is better to hire a reliable SEO company for your business. Not only will it save you time and effort, but the search optimization firm’s expertise that comes with experience, ongoing training, and dedication will give superior results in the end.