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Design a T Shirt for the First Time

If this is your first time to design a custom t shirt, you’re probably really excited and can’t wait to order new shirts with your stunning new designs on them. We know how that feels like, so we’re going to give you some great tips on making your shirt design really stand out.

  1. Pop culture references –

    TshirtPop culture references are like a time capsule; they are immediately relevant at the time of their production, and they provide this immediate, positive, retro feel when you wear them five or ten years later.

Pop culture icons rarely ‘die’ because they’ve become part of people’s consciousness, and therefore, they would always have a place in people’s thoughts and emotions.

When using pop culture references such as faces, group photos of musicians, album art, cartoon character, it’s always a good idea to put a twist on things.

What do we mean by a twist? The twist is the modification of the original, so you are able to creatively derive something completely different from the original visage of your subject.

The changes don’t always have to be extreme, but making changes to an old image (say, the image of Che Guevara) always brings something to the table, and heightens that branding that you want to create with the Design T shirt art.

  1. Post-modern art –

    Post-modern art is all about fluidity, breaking boundaries, breaking conventions, etc. it’s about making people stop and look at the art with bewildered or excited looks, because it’s something new and they haven’t seen anything like it before.

Art like vaporwave and art inspired by electronic music are just two examples of how art can be elevated to thought-provoking levels.

The great thing about post-modern art is anyone can try their hand on it, because you don’t need a physical paintbrush to create art.

Digital art can be as equally compelling as traditional or conventional art. Just make sure that when you’re creating post-modern art, you have a central vision at hand, and you’re working toward this artistic vision.

  1. Pre-made designs –

    Pre-made designs are awesome, especially if like browsing templates and trying out new designs just for the joy of it.

We know that not everyone has the patience or desire to create their own art from scratch and that’s okay – that’s why design databases are created by custom shirt companies.

One thing that we can advise you when you’re using a pre-made template as a shirt design is to use keywords that are very specific, so your search results will be whittled down to the most significant ones. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at royalty-free vectors and public domain images for inspiration.

The entire World Wide Web runs on hundreds of thousands of images and you can even check out websites like Unsplash where you can use images free of charge if you like using photography as design for your personal shirts.

  1. Match your design with the type of shirt you’re using –

    Generally speaking, round-neck and v-neck shirts are appropriate for most designs.

However, if you are using a shirt with a collar or pocket, you may want to take those additional design elements into consideration as they may affect the final appearance of the shirt with the design printed on it.

Always ‘project’ the final design on the shirt you want printed on just to make sure that the two are a good fit.

Another aspect that you should also think about during rendering is the color combinations. Your art or design has its own ‘world’ that may either harmonize or clash with the shirt’s color.

  1. Giving the shirt away? –

    Creating custom shirts and gifting them to others is a great way to show your love or appreciation. But then again, you’re responsible for designing the shirt/s yourself. So how do you go about this successfully?

The first thing that you should think about is the age of the recipient? Is the recipient a child, teenager, or an older person? Some designs have a “universal” appeal, but these designs are few and far in between. If you want your custom shirt to be really appreciated, it has to be age-appropriate, too.

If you’re creating something for kids (say, between the ages five and ten), then aim for something that’s fun, adventurous, and cool for boys and for girls, focus on the aspects of sweetness, gentleness, etc.

It would help a lot if you are really familiar with the personality of the child who will be receiving the shirt. And since custom shirts are cool, the recipient of the custom-made shirt will probably think it’s the best thing ever!

Shirts for teenagers are easier to design – teenagers want something unique, cool, edgy, and rebellious. These temperaments are universal wherever you go.

Reference to Western cultural icons in music, movies, and TV are also easy go-tos when you’re designing a shirt for at teenager. Quotations or favorite lines from books, movies, and other pop media stuff are welcome.

For older adults and seniors, it depends really, on what their specific tastes are.

Admittedly at the age of thirty, many people begin to wind down with their taste, they’re no longer as adventurous or experimental, but at the same time, they still want to look cool.

At this junction, it may help to look at the individual tastes of the people that you will be giving custom shirts, too. What may appear kitsch to a teenager may just be the perfect design for someone older.

For seniors on the other hand, you need to stick to simpler designs that aren’t too loud, nor too colorful. Seniors tend to wear paler colors that are cooler to the eyes and many of them (we’re not saying all of them) no longer want to wear anything with graphics and text on them.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t wear something that has been designed by you. It just means that they wouldn’t buy something like that, but they might like it once they have one for themselves.

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