December 3

Pawn Shops – Getting First Dibs on Merchandise

Time and time again, you may go in to your local pawn shop only to find they just sold what you have been looking for what seems like ages. You may be wondering what everyone else is doing different from you – maybe they just know how to get first dibs. If you’re looking to learn how to get first dibs on merchandise at a pawn shop, continue reading this article so that you can stop missing out …


Speak with the Manager


If you have a particular item you have been looking for, and you believe the pawn shop may have it (or may have it in the near future), then go ahead and speak with the manager. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a special laptop, but the pawnshop doesn’t seem to have it or they haven’t gained it due to non payment by another customer yet. You can speak with the pawnshop manager and request that you be put on a list of customers that the manager can contact first before the item is put on their shelves.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask the manager about the items you want. The truth is that the managers that are running pawn shops like knowing they have buyers lined up for the merchandise, because this means they will be able to sell the inventory fast.

Mind you, pawnshops will usually only give this favor to customers they trust. So, if you have build up a good relationship with the pawn shop and have always kept your word, then you probably won’t have a problem with this. When a pawn shop sees an item about to be put out, some of them have a list that they call a week in advance so that they can be prepared to purchase the item.

Research Market Prices

Once you find the item you have been looking for, it would be a good idea to have the price in your head. For this reason, before you even find the item, you need to set some time to the side to research market prices.


If you’re an individual that is having problems finding or getting a hold of items that you have been looking for at a pawnshop, then you definitely need to take this advice into consideration. If you have yet to build up a good relationship with the local pawnshop in your area, then do so now, because there are benefits (like the one mentioned above) to knowing the owners or manager of a pawn shop.

When you visit a pawn shop, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that they believe in helping their customers out, and are always willing to negotiate with people, but it is also important that you are fair with your negotiations.

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